Big Gay Out 2019

Big Gay Out 2019

Apply to Perform at the Ending HIV Big Gay Out!

If you’d like to perform at the Ending HIV Big Gay Out on Feb 10 2019, please get in touch and tell us about yourself and your act.


We receive many requests to perform at each Big Gay Out and due to time constraints we cannot accept every request. The event producers will select the final stage lineup based on factors such as talent, performance variety, and audience appeal.

To apply, please send an application email to [email protected]

Give us a breakdown of your performance and let us know how you would rock the Ending HIV Big Gay Out Durex Main Stage!

Name of Act

Length of Performance (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes)

Number of people in the performance

Preferred time-slot of performance (just write ‘any time’ if this is not an issue)

Description of Performance

On stage technical requirements (microphone, CD player etc)

Have you performed in public prior to this event?

YouTube Link / example of your live performance:

Contact Person


Phone (home / work and mobile)

Postal address

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Latest Content

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