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The 2019 Sex & Drugs Open Mic Night is welcoming gay guys to share openly about chemsex in a judgement-free zone.

As part of the Puāwai Festival, Body Positive, Ending HIV and Taurima Vibes invite guys who are partial to a bit of PnP, as well as those who have left the scene, to be a part of our own “party and say” evening.

This will be a safe space with no shade allowed.  

Having a platform to talk openly and honestly about experiences with chemsex, without any stigma or shame, gives people a chance to tell real stories and realise they’re not alone.

Whether you want to share about an exhilarating session, or talk about the reasons you don’t use anymore – this will be a safe space that hopes to spark conversations around safety and mitigating some of the HIV transmission risks when high and horny.

Not only is sharing cathartic, but storytelling is powerful and relatable – which reminds people they aren’t alone.

The sharing has already begun, with a couple of PnPlayers telling us what chemsex means to them and what they’d like people to take away from their stories.

“What does chemsex mean to me? It means a fun time, with feelings of connectedness and uninhibited exploration. I want to push the boundaries of sexual exploration and feel good in the moment.

“What would I want people to understand? It’s about looking after yourself and those around you. Far too many times, I have seen people take too much out of carelessness, and other people who are present just turn a blind eye. It can be a dangerous world and it’s important to watch out for each other,” says Anonymous.

“Chemsex is an experience in life. I do it because it feels good – really good. It makes me feel confident and uninhibited, especially when I’m around neg guys.

“If I could share a message with people who aren’t in the scene, I would say that everyone is free to use their body and therefore put anything they want in it. Sometimes it’s hard to understand someone’s own reasons for being swept up in chemsex and begin using on a very regular basis – but instead of shaming, it’s about how to help these people to be happy without having to go into that space,” says Rather-Not-Be-Named.

To be a part of the conversation, either as a speaker or someone who’s maybe not ready to share yet – come along on to The Dog’s Bollix (2 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1010) , Wednesday 28th, 7pm – 9pm. We can host, if you can travel.

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