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Free PrEP for Low Income NZers

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has partnered with Green Cross Pharmacy, to support a scheme that provides PrEP at no cost to people who have been prescribed PrEP and have a Community Services Card.

This scheme has now been extended to those who earn less than the living wage, which is currently set at $21.15 (as of April 1, 2019) before tax.


PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) is a daily pill that provides protection from HIV. PrEP is likely to become more readily available in New Zealand in the near future, as the patent for Truvada expired in July of this year.

If you are considering going on PrEP the first step is to discuss this with your doctor, or to contact a prescribing doctor from our PrEP map. You can also contact NZAF if you have any questions about PrEP.

It’s important to be aware that PrEP only targets HIV and does not provide protection against any other STIs, so if you're not using condoms consistently, it's really important to get a full STI check-up every three months.

Once you've spoken with your doctor and have a prescription, there are two main ways that you can currently access PrEP. The first is to buy Gilead's Truvada from a local pharmacy, which can cost around $1000 a month. The other way is to import generic PrEP through an online pharmacy. This involves uploading a prescription for PrEP from your doctor in New Zealand, and purchasing the drug online. Currently, this costs around $50 - $80 per month.

This cost can be prohibitive for some people who need PrEP, which is why a free coupon system has been created. If you have a valid Community Services Card and a PrEP prescription, you may be eligible to receive a free order of PrEP from Green Cross Pharmacy. This will supply you with 90 tablets - enough to last three months. You can apply online using the form at the bottom of this page.

You will need to upload:

  • A scan/photo of a prescription for 90 PrEP tablets, made out to you

And either of the following:

  • A scan/photo of your most recent payslip, showing that you earn less than $21.15 per hour (this must be less than 6 weeks old), OR
  • A scan/photo of your Community Services Card

This is part of a global system Green Cross Pharmacy has set up, where one coupon is distributed for every ten orders that come through their website per country. This does mean that there are a limited number of coupons, but at present there are a lot available for distribution - thanks to an increasing volume of NZ PrEP users who are ordering through Green Cross.

Jason Myers, Executive Director of NZAF says, “We’re really excited to be delivering this scheme to those in the community who aren’t able to access PrEP for financial reasons. While PrEP isn’t a solution for everyone, this is an important step forward in making PrEP accessible for those who do need it.”

If this offer isn’t something you can take up, but you know someone who might be eligible for this discount, encourage them to apply! Together, we can end HIV.

Apply for a coupon from Green Cross Pharmacy

  • You can apply for a coupon more than once, but each application will be assessed independently and according to availability of coupons. 
  • Please note that processing will not be immediate and may take up to one week.
  • Once a decision is made regarding your eligibility, we will delete any files you upload from our database.
  • If successful, you will be emailed a discount code to use on checkout at

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