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Everybody’s dick is different, so it makes sense that there are different condoms out there to match. Our Condom Toolbox contains 11 condoms of different sizes, thicknesses and textures, plus 2 different types of lube, and is designed specifically to let kiwi guys find their perfect fit.

The toolbox is available for free and we have a limited number to give away to people who meet our criteria*. Head over to our free condom order form now to see if you are eligible - the toolbox option will become available to you as your put your details in.


Why Is Fit So Important?

Guys who find the right condom fit are more likely to keep up condom usage, meaning easy, life-long protection against most STIs. There is also a heap of research proving that correct fit also means a significantly lower risk of condom breakage and problems with sensitivity, irritation, erectile dysfunction and ability to climax.


How Different Can They Be?

Regular condoms, like Durex Confidence, are the right fit for about 75% of guys, meaning there is a one in four chance that you’re going to feel a condom is too tight or too loose.

In addition to wider or narrower condoms, there are also condoms that come in different thicknesses, textures and materials.

Thicker condoms, like Durex Extra Safe, offer a lower chance of breakage for people who are into longer, heavy-duty sessions, while thinner condoms, like Durex Featherlite, are perfect for men who want a condom that is lighter and offers more sensation.

Ribbed and flavoured condoms, like Durex Pleasure Me and Durex Taste Me, are great for adventurous sex. Raised dots and ribs can really enhance pleasure, and using lots of extra water or silicone based lube with them is a great idea, especially for anal sex. Flavoured condoms are a fun option for use during oral sex for guys who want to enjoy sucking with a reduced risk of oral transfer of STIs.

Polyisoprene condoms, like Durex RealFeel, are designed for guys who are allergic to latex, or just don’t like the feel of it. They are strong condoms that are also super thin and offer plenty of sensation.


Made With Young Kiwi Men In Mind

Guys who use a condom the first time they have sex are 2.4 times as likely to continue having positive attitudes towards condom use. When this is reinforced with using a correctly fitting condom, guys have the best set up for enjoying condom use, meaning greater, healthier, more pleasurable sex.

Guys who practice using condoms also have a higher rate of condoms use. We want to make sure gay and bi kiwi guys get the chance to find the right fit for their first time and while they are getting used to having sex. The toolbox is the perfect way to have a play around with different types of condoms, so you’re prepared and know what you like before you next need to get it on. Order your condom toolbox now to try out all that’s on offer.

The condoms and lube in the toolbox are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies across New Zealand. Many of them are also available for free or a small charge on prescription from doctors and nurses. To see the list of PHARMAC funded condoms available on prescription in New Zealand, click here.


*The toolbox is designed for those who have an elevated risk of HIV acquisition and are 25 or under. This includes most male or trans* people who identify as anything other than heterosexual.

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