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The Condom Toolbox

Regular condoms are the correct fit for 75% of guys, which means there is a 25% chance that a condom is going to feel too tight or too loose.

The Ending HIV Condom Toolbox is available, for free, to eligible* young people at high risk of acquiring HIV. It offers users the opportunity to experiment with 12 different types of condoms and find a perfect fit.

To get a Toolbox, visit our Order Free Condoms page here and enter your info.

Why is condom fit so important?

image description

How different can they be?

There are four types of condom in a range of sizes, plus two types of lube, included in the Toolbox:

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Have a play!

The best way to discover which condom is right for you is to try them all out. Masturbating with condoms is a great way to find your perfect fit, and have fun along the way.

To help with this, we’ve included a Tenga masturbation cup. This is basically a fake butt that you can practice having sex with. It feels really good, and will help you get a better sense of how the condoms will feel when worn during sex.

Where do I start?

Twelve condoms, lube everywhere and a toy to play with – it might be hard working out where to start! That’s okay though, we’ve got you covered.

We built an online Condom Masturbation Trainer that you can view from your phone. It’s hosted by Jesse, who will masturbate along with you as you try out the different condoms in the Toolbox. If you don’t have a Toolbox, but you’ve got some different condoms you’d like to try out, then the Condom Masturbation Trainer will work for you too.

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Feeling keen?

You can masturbate with Jesse, when you’re ready, at

Worried about home delivery?

We understand that getting a box of condoms and lube delivered to your home address may not be an option for some people. Our Toolboxes come in a plain Courier Post bag, but if that's still too conspicuous, we have also made Toolboxes available at our NZAF Centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. If you're eligible*, you can collect a Toolbox during your next HIV test, which you can book online here.

Order now! 

What are you waiting for? If the Toolbox sounds up your alley head over to the order form now!

*The Ending HIV Condom Toolbox is available for free to young people aged 21 and under who have an elevated risk of acquiring HIV. This includes most male or trans people who identify their sexuality as non- heterosexual. Orders are limited to one per eligible person.

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