Ending HIV

Ending HIV

Q. What are the chances of developing resistance to my treatment?

Q. What’s the difference between a CD4 count and viral load count?

Q. If I have a high CD4 count can I still access treatment?

Q. What is a CD4 count?

Q. Can I still enjoy a drink while on treatment?

Q. What’s the difference between treatment, PrEP and PEP?

Q. Do party drugs react with HIV treatments?

Q. Should I be worried about the toxicity levels found in HIV treatments?

Q. Do I still have to disclose my HIV-positive status even if my viral load is undetectable?

Q. How long does it take to get to undetectable?

Q. What if my partner and I are both positive and undetectable? Can we have sex without condoms?

Q. If my viral load is undetectable, can I stop taking my meds?

Q. Is it possible to become undetectable if I am not on meds?

Q. If I do start HIV treatment and can’t tolerate it, can I stop?

Q. Once the viral load is undetectable, does it stay that way forever?

Q. Does having an STI impact on viral load?

Q. I have met a hot guy who is living with HIV and has an undetectable viral load. Do we need to use condoms?

Q. How long after the last time I have brushed and flossed my teeth would it be safe to have oral sex? I'm still a virgin thus I've never had any physical sexual activity with anyone including kissing. I'm on my early 30s and I had my first HPV (Gardasil-9) vaccine almost a month ago. I met a guy online and he's quite nice. He wants to meet a week from now and he's not pressuring me to have sex, although we might end up with kissing, cuddling, touching, or mutual masturbation in the shower. However, I am confused with how to go with it as I still have 2 more doses for the HPV vaccine to receive and also concerned if I could get other STIs. I'm not sure what intimate activities we can do.

Q. I'm in my early 30s and planning to get the HPV vaccine. I was told it would take 6 months to complete the 3 doses. Does it mean immediately after the 3rd dose (6 months) it's safe for me to have sex and be protected from HPV or do I have to wait a few days or months after completing the 3 doses?

Q. I'm Visiting New Zealand On A Student Visa. If I Test Positive For HIV Will I Be Able To Get Funded Medicine?

Q. What Are The Signs/Symptoms Of Having HIV?

Q. How Exactly Does PrEP Work?

Q. I Was Chatting To A Guy On Grindr And He Said It's Safe To Fuck Him Without A Condom Because He's On PrEP. Is It Really Safe?

Q. How Long Does It Take For PrEP To Be Effective?

Q. I Had Sex Without A Condom Two Nights Ago And During Sex, The Guy Tore His Foreskin And Was Bleeding Badly. I'm Too Embarrassed To Go And Talk To A Doctor But I'm Really Concerned - Is There Anything I Need To Do?

Q. I Finally Got To Top My Boyfriend The Other Day, But When I Put My Cock In, It Went In So Easily. I Have A Large Head And He Said He Hadn't Bottomed Properly Before And Only Tried It A Few Times About A Year Ago. I'm Concerned At How Easy It Went In. I'm A Regular And It Takes Me A While To Get His Cock In (Which Is Narrower Than Mine). I'm Concerned That Maybe He Has Lied And Been Bottoming Behind My Back? I Just Want An Opinion Before Talking To Him About It.

Q. Is It Very Easy To Get HIV If I Have Ulcers In My Mouth And Give Blow Job To A Guy I Just Meet? Assuming He Has HIV...

Q. What's The Deal With Cock Piercings And Condoms? Is It Still Safe To Have Sex With A Cock Piercing If You Use A Condom?

Q. I'm A Guy And For The Last Few Weeks I've Been Having Sex With Another Guy. I Have Started To Notice Black Dots In My Pubic Hair Area (But None That I Can See Around The Base Of My Penis) With About Two Strands Of Pubic Hair Coming Out From/around The Black Dot. Do You Know What This Is? And Should I Get It Checked Out?

Q. What Should You Do If You Rip Your Foreskin During Rough Anal Sex?

Q. Whenever I See Guys Pumping Themselves In Cruise Clubs Or Porn Movies They Seem To Have No Problem In Gradually Masturbating Successfully With A Load Of Jizz Cumming Out. I Tend To Find That The Only Way For Me To Cum Is To Use Lubricant. I Can Get A Hard Erection Quick Enough But It Annoys Me That I Can't Cum After Pumping, So I Use Quite A Bit Of Lubricant Which Makes It Happen Within 30 Secs. Is It Normal To Only Be Able To Cum After Lubricating?

Q. What Type Of Condom Is Inside The Free Condom Packs That You Provide?

Q. I'm New To New Zealand And I Want A Free HIV Rapid Test. Where I Can Find A Place To Do That In Auckland City?

Q. I'm 16 And Not Really Out, But I Have Been Becoming More And More Interested In Getting A Relationship With A Guy And I Don't Know Where To Look As I Don't Really Know Any Gay Or Bi Guys. Do You Have Any Tips For Meeting Other Gay Teens?

Q. I Have Trouble Staying Hard When I Top With A Condom On. I'm Also Circumcised And With A Condom I Can't Feel A Lot. Can You Suggest Some Ways To Increase The Feeling / Keep Me Hard Longer?

Q. I Have Just Started To Finger Myself. I Tried It Once Without Lube And Once With Shower Gel In The Shower. Is It Normal If I Feel Irritated Afterwards? The Only Thing Is I Didn't Get Pleasure Out Of It? How Deep Am I Meant To Go?

Q. If Both Partners Have Tested Negative For HIV And Other STIs, Is It Safe To Have Bareback Sex?

Q. I've Met This Pretty Awesome Guy And I Like Him A Lot, And He Told Me About His HIV+ Status Before We Did Anything Sexual. I Am Just Curious As To What Sort Of Activities You Can Get Up To, To Ensure A Satisfying Sex Life For A Couple When They Want To Keep The Risk Of Infecting The HIV Negative Person To A Minimum. Obviously, Condoms Will Always Be Needed But Is It Safe To Swallow His Load/Get A Facial, Etc? Or Is Contact With His Semen Just A Broad Sweeping No?

Q. Recently I Have Been Biting My Nails Really Bad And I Fingered A Bottom's Ass. I’m Not Too Sure If He Has HIV, But I Am Paranoid That Is It Possible To Contract HIV Through Cuts On My Fingers?

Q. If Guys With HIV Are Undetectable, Does That Mean We Don't Need To Worry About Condoms Anymore?

Q. How Much Does Having An Undetectable Viral Load Reduce The Risk Of Passing On HIV?

Q. He Spat On The Condom As Lube - Is There A Risk Of HIV Infection?

Q. How Can I Live A Long Life, Even I Have HIV? Is There Any Medicine That Can Stop The Reproduction Of Virus In Our Veins Or Kill The Virus? If So, Where Can I Purchase This Medicine? And Is It Expensive?

Q. I'm HIV Negative. Recently I Started Talking To A Really Nice Guy That Disclosed To Me That He Was HIV Positive. He Is Undetectable. I'm Just Worried About My Health If I Were To Pursue A Relationship With This Guy.

Q. What Are The Signs Or Symptoms Of HIV - Is There Anything I Can Look For If I'm Worried?

Q. I Have Met A New Man And He Is HIV Positive. I'm HIV Negative. If I Wear A Condom To Have Anal Sex With Him Is It Safe For Me?

Q. What Is The Difference Between AIDS And HIV? I Do Not Understand How So Many Men Have HIV, But No Serious Symptoms.

Q. Can You Catch HIV From Kissing?

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