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5 Things to Know Before You Get on Grindr

Hook up apps like Grindr, Hornet and Scruff don't come with their own user manual, so we've prepared some tips to help you find the man of your dreams.

Say goodbye to your bedtime

So you’re used to getting to bed by 11pm? Not anymore. You can cruise around Grindr all you like at dinner time but the meat market doesn’t start until all the boys are too horny to get to sleep.

Don’t put up with bullshit

Ain’t nobody got time for crap. If someone is messing you around, don’t stick it out. If you don’t like what someone is saying to you in the first few messages then chances are it’s not going to get any better, so stop thinking with your sexy parts and tell him goodnight

Don’t drink and Grind

This relies on sober you and drunk you getting along. Make sure your drunk self remembers how much sober self doesn’t want to have a bad hook up. More often than not you’re better off getting some quality one on one time with your hand.

Avoid racists and body shamers

No Asians, no Indians, no fems, no fatties. Fuck off. Profiling people by race and body type and directly excluding them in the 100 or so characters you have to describe yourself makes you a dick. Don’t put up with their crap, just block and move on.

Always play safe

Grindr is a great way to get guys, but it's also an awesome way to end up with the clap (or a bunch of other STIs). Get yourself some free condoms and hook up properly. If you're HIV negative and struggle with consistent condom use, you could consider taking PrEP to stay safe. But remember that while PrEP is great at preventing HIV transmission, it won't protect you against other STIs like gonorrhoea, syphilis or chlamydia. Play safe, play hard!

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