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Are You In Shape For Olympic-Style Sex Sessions?

You’d expect having tens of thousands of glistening, athletic bodies around them would spark something of a frenzied sexual appetite for the sportsmen and women heading to the Rio Olympics this year.
But news that organisers are distributing 450,000 condoms – that’s more than 40 per person – as well as 175,000 packs of lube to competitors had all of us at Ending HIV thinking about whether we’re keeping fit enough for that sort of level of competitive fucking.

The Olympics have always been famed for stories of sexual excess: Grindr crashed under the weight of its extra users when athletes started arriving for the 2012 London Games and the Olympic Association actually had to ban outdoor sex in Seoul 1988 because so many condoms were being found on the roofs in the Olympic village.

So in honour of all those fitness freaks who will be trying to win a medal on the tracks, sportsfields and stadiums – as well as going for gold between the sheets – in Brazil, here are a few tips to keeping in trim to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Get wet and wild

Swimming is a great way to increase stamina – which can then translate to sexual endurance – so get down to your local pool or invest in a wetsuit and get out into the ocean. Half an hour a couple of times a week can help you keep in shape but will also help you go the distance wherever and whenever you choose.

Work that cock

Let’s face it, it’s doing a lot of the hard work – so it makes sense to make sure that your cock is in good shape. That doesn’t mean using your dick to lift heavy weights (unless, of course, that’s your thing), it can be as simple as toning your pubococcygeus muscles – those are the ones which help you stop pissing mid-stream. Try tensing them for 10 seconds and then repeating that as many times as you can and you’ll help increase bloodflow for better hard-ons and also develop control over when you come. These exercises are called Kegels and the better you get at them, the more you’re going to be able to enjoy long sex sessions until you come like a freight train!

Become a flexible friend

You’ll know what works for you when it comes to anal sex and you’ll know that it isn’t just about strength and stamina – sometimes you need to flex a bit to hit that spot. Learning a few stretches and yoga poses which help work the inside and back of your legs or which target the pelvic and groin muscles, will not only help you find more creative positions but also be able to sustain them for longer periods.

Play with yourself

Yes, you can join a gym to lift weights or spend time on those treadmills and you’ll lift your testosterone levels, increase your libido and get in shape. But there are also plenty of exercises you can do on your own that will help you have better sex. We don't necessarily mean breaking out the Fleshlight and butt plugs (although that's never a bad idea) - we're talking real exercises here. Squats will give you a nice firm ass – perfect for those profile pics – as well as build the core strength necessary for some of the more adventurous positions; push-ups are not only good for physique but they can also help build up stability, strength and stamina’; and even just going for a 30-minute walk every day will help keep your heart healthy. Studies in the US have also found that for men over 50 stepping up to fast-walking or running can produce a 30% lower risk of erectile dysfunction.

Get stuck in

OK, whether you’re getting ploughed like a cornfield or enjoying a more tender moment, sex always feels like a decent workout. And that’s because it is. It’s going to get all those endorphins flowing to help you feel more healthy, it’s going to work those core muscles to help you build up stamina, and (with enough practice) it’s going to increase your flexibility so you get better and better the more you fuck. Maybe those Olympic athletes aren’t just letting go, they’re actually continuing their training – so be like them, grab a load of condoms and start your sex-ercises!

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